how can earthing systems benefit you

Before you know the benefits of earthing systems, you need to know the use of this system. Once you are aware of the use, you can yourself easily extract out the benefits it holds for you and your family.

Use of the earthing systems:

For instance, there is a fault in the electrical appliance you are about to use and you accidentally touch the metal parts of the appliance. You will receive a shock which could result in electric burn as well as death (in serious cases) but if the earthing system is functional; the intensity of the shock would be greatly reduced as an alternative path for the flow of the faulty current is provided.

Benefits of the system:

Thus, the main benefit that you can extract from its use is the safety of the human life in cases when there is fault in the electric system or the electric appliance in use.

Other benefits are as follows:

· It is used for the protection of a structure from the lightening strike

· Problems associated with floating ground can be avoided with the help of this system.

It is a good platform for the monopole and radio antennas